How do I take Human Growth Hormone?

A: Injectable Hgh can be taken 2 different ways, by intramuscular injection or sub-cutaneous injection, however sub-cutaneous is the most common & effective way, injected in the stomach area just under the skin with an insulin syringe.

What is the difference from taking real injectable Hgh or the spray version?

A: Currently the only HGH Human Growth Hormone that is FDA approved, is the injectable form, but to give you a comparison, one pharmaceutical company claims to have the strongest oral spray available having approximately 2000 nanograms of Human Growth Hormone per spray. In order for the Hgh spray to be equivalent to 1iu of the injectable Human Growth Hormone you would need over 160 sprays per day. This therefore would become very expensive for an unproven product. ONLY use brand name injectable hgh products.

What types of payment do we accept?

A: We accept payment via zelle, apple pay and crypto ( Bitcoin, USDT, and Etherium )

What Are Your Shipping Rates?

A: Our shipping rates are $50 for standard shipment which takes 3days and 100 for overnight shipment which takes 1 to 2days maximum.

Do we provide needles & syringes or include them in your order?

A: We provide needle tips for the norditropin pens ONLY. We do not provide needles and syringes for our other products. However you can purchase them online. For Humatrope you need to purchase 29 or 30 gauge 1/2 or 1 inch insulin syringes and needles. The best brand is BD Ultra fine II. If you require additional Novo Nordisk Nordilet Pen tips, you will need the #8 or #6 NovoFine needle tips made by Novo Nordisk.

Once I place my order how long before it is shipped?

A: 3 to 4dayd for standard shipment and 1 to 2days for overnight shipment

Where do we ship to?

A: We ship Worldwide

How long have we been in business?

A: We have been proudly serving physicians and patients for over 15 years. we also have connection with top pharmaceutical and high positioned doctors in the USA, Europe, Uk and Australia. 

How do we ship our product?

A: We ship all orders via express courier in discreet confidential packaging.

What is the average dosage a person would take?

A: Based on clinical studies from top U.S doctors most patients start at 1iu-3iu’s per day 5-6 days per week.

When is the best time to take hgh?

A: At night before bed

Does HGH have any known side effects?

A: Yes: As with any drug there are always pros and cons. However there have been very few reports of patients experiencing side effects that take nominal dosages (1-2 iu per day). The most common side effects are mild joint pain, muscle aches, or water retension, but these reports were patients who were taking higher doses and once they lowered the dosage the side effects diminished. I have not heard of anyone experiencing any significant side effects administering 1-2iu per day. But please keep in mind every person is different and some react differently than others so always consult your physician before taking hgh.

Where do I inject myself?

A: You can inject it sub-cutaneously (just under the skin) in the stomach area or leg with an 29 – 30 gauge, 1/2 inch 1cc insulin syringe, or alternatively you can inject it intramuscular, however the results from sub-cutaneous injections are more effective.

How long before I start seeing results from taking HGH?

A: After about 2 months you will notice improvements in your sleep paterns, increased appetite and energy levels. The most significant results start showing after 4 – 6 months of treatment and continually improve and become more significant the longer you are taking hgh.

Do i need a prescription before placing a order?

A: No. You are free to place and order with or without prescription. we believe most before see a doctor for prescription and then come online to purchase their medications. 

If I have cancer will it help me get better or cure it?

A: NO, if you take hgh and you have active cancer cells it could speed the cancer rate up and you could face serious injury to your health or in severe cases cause death. Always consult your physician before taking hgh.

How can I measure my HGH levels?

A: Hgh is only present in the body for a short period of time. However, IGF-1 (which is your insulin growth factor) is present in the body at all times. Recent studies show that this is the most effective way to measure your hgh levels. Blood and saliva tests can show your IGF-1 levels. Generally, the lower your levels, the more you stand to gain from hgh treatment.

What is our cancellation or Return Policy?

A: We accept order cancellation within 24hrs of your order being shipped. Please submit an email to sales@buyhghonline.org Please keep in mind that these are business days which are Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm M.S.T. Contact our sales office at the telephone number above.

What is our policy if your product is returned in its original packaging according to our cancellation policy?

A: You will receive a refund within 3 business days through whatever means of payment you choose.